Work in progress for iOS 11 support. Stay tuned!

What the game offers.

  • Challenge yourself in easy Seaman puzzle rank through to the absurdly difficulty Admiral puzzle rank
  • Over 125 solvable puzzles using pure logic and deduction. No guessing!
  • Autosave to continue each puzzle right where you left off
  • Game Center achievements
  • Optimized for iOS 8 and latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • Universal app (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch)
  • Support localized language: English, French, Spanish


"has a way of clearing your mind; offers some thought provoking strategizing."  (4/5)  -  148Apps

"easy to recommend to anyone who enjoys logic puzzles"  (86%)  -  The Gamers' Temple

"What could be more perfect than two classic games combined into one?"  (5/5)  -  iOS Etc

"will find it hard to not pick it up again after every few hours"  (7.5/10)  -  Tapscape

"A thrillingly engaging and challenging little puzzler."  (9/10)  -  iPhoneGlance


  • Start every levels by marking all the zero rows and columns with water.
  • Finding the position for the Carrier (3 squares ship) may be helpful in each level since it is the largest piece and there are only a few space within the board that can fit it.
  • When a left/right part of a ship is given as a level hint, you can be certain that the square next to it is another ship square.
  • When a submarine (circle piece) is given, you can be certain that the 8 surrounding squares are all waters.
  • Using the hint tool may reveal an existing square within the puzzle. It acts as a validation to your guesses. The revealed squares will remain even if you use the Reset Level option.
  • Complete the guided tutorial if you're having trouble understanding the game.
  • Do contact us via the Send Feedback feature within the About Us section.


Available exclusively, only on the App Store.